The Heat Is On! Time to Moisturize.

It’s almost summer and that means one thing – that glowing tan! Although we all love the way our sun-kissed skin looks, there comes a point where it starts looking dry and red. This is where your moisturizer needs to come in and do the work! It’s key to bringing back the hydration in your skin and soothing the surface.

Our rich, lush facial moisturizer, Lumistone Hydration, incorporates rare quartz micro-particles with a proven blend of natural peptides to provide radiance and luminosity to the skin. We make our moisturizer with two  key ingredients: shea butter (for extra nourishment) and fireweed extract (a youth enhancer). These ingredients work together to protect against aging factors including free radical damage and inflammation. Our moisturizer’s blend of active ingredients aids in calming the skin and giving it a youthful, hydrated, and confident glow!

Result Quick Claims: (benefits)

  • Defends skin from external stressors, protecting youthful vibrancy
  • Soothes, calms, and reduces age-inducing inflammation
  • Hydrates and nourishes, sealing skin’s barrier function
  • Causes the skin to emit radiance and luminosity

Clinical Claims

Results following clinical test of 40 women.

  • 96.8% Instantly Improves Radiance and Luminosity
  • 100% Improves All Day Radiance and Luminosity
  • 96.8% Instantly Improves Texture and Smoothness
  • 100% Improves All Day Texture and Smoothness
  • 100% Improves Moisturization after All Day Wear
  • 90.3% Improves Skin Smoothness in One Day

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