About Schique

Schique skincare is a first-of-its-kind natural, anti-aging line committed to helping women look and feel their most beautiful. By using intelligent ingredients, we encourage women to make intelligent choices about their skin health. Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer created the line after watching her mother battle skin cancer, not once but twice. Dr. Schaffer realized that this was partly attributed to the harsh chemicals in the beauty products her mother was using. This led her to discover the unique healing properties of natural and protective ingredients found in the daisy family, particularly the dandelion. Relying on the latest medical research, Dr. Schaffer seamlessly blends science and nature to create this innovative product line.  Schique products are clinically-tested and safe to help women of all ages achieve radiant, youthful and glowing skin. Today, we are excited to announce that Dr. Schaffers mother is cancer-free and healthy. 

What Makes Schique Unique?

The entire anti-aging line, Schique incorporates proprietary Dandelion Extract for its unifying radiance. The aesthetic nuance of Dandelion Extract enhances the therapeutic properties of the natural ingredients, as Schique seamlessly blends natural, nutrient rich fruit and plant extracts, power peptides and anti-oxidant Vitamins C and E to face-loving perfection. Relying on the latest medical research, Dr. Schaffer has formulated a skincare line that is unlike anything on the market today.


We believe that radiant, glowing, and healthy skin is achieved by the daily rituals of proper skincare. We believe that the art of formulation coupled with utilizing unique, signature ingredients to amplify formula benefits is key to creating superior results.

We believe in the power of prevention and wrapping the skin in a protective, barrier rich formula with energizing properties is key to achieving long term, measurable results. We believe it’s technology coupled with a sensorial experience that creates the ultimate luxury. We believe that beauty is achieved by not fighting the aging process, but transcending the standard of skincare, blending ingredient technology and energizing properties with experiential elements is an art.

Our Belief

We are committed to helping women make intelligent choices.
We believe that glowing skin is achieved by the proper rituals of skincare.

IQ is knowing where things come from: Nature.