How often should I use each Schique product?

Schique skincare is gentle enough for daily use. Please visit the specific product pages for more detail on each product.

Where are the products formulated?

All Schique products are formulated in USA.

Are the products tested on animals?

We do not rest on animals in any country, nor do our vendors, chemists, manufacturers or formulators. 

How long do Schique Products last?

Our products last up to 12 months after opening.

Does Schique use parabens or sulfates?

Not at all! We do not use any parabens or sulfates in any our products.

Do the products have SPF in them?

Our products currently do not have SPF, but we plan to launch a SPF line very soon!

Are you available in any other countries?

Currently, we are only available in the United States, but we plan to sell Schique internationally in the future.