5 Summer-to-Fall Skin Tips!

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5 Summer to Fall Skin Tips

Labor Day is finally here and that means Fall is right around the corner. Not only do the leaves change, but so does your skin. With the temperatures slowly dropping and being exposed to less daylight, there are some skin tips you may think you can drop, but sometimes that’s not the case. Continue reading to learn what our skin tricks for transitioning to fall look like.

Change Cleanser

As temperatures cool down, so will your skin. Your summer skincare may be too drying for what your skin needs now. A good rule of thumb to follow is to use a non-drying sulfate free cleanser in the morning and a lightweight lotion based cleanser at night, depending on skin type.

Increase Hydration

Even though summer may seem like the dry season because of the heat, fall and winter can be just as dry if not worse. We suggest adding a toner to your daily routine in order to keep water and hydration in your skin.

Moisturize Heavily

With temps cooling down it is important to be applying something heavier to prevent losing moisture from your skin.

Don’t be Stingy with Sunscreen

Just because it isn't summer doesn't meant the sun backs down. The UVB rays that give you suntans definitely subside during the fall, but the UVA rays that cause more serious damage like skin cancer are still prevalent and strong. So keep applying that SPF!


During the summer, exfoliating your skin may be damaging because of the sun, and chlorine, but for the fall, you want to bring out that summer complexion you spent 4 months developing.


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