Dr. Schaffer's 3 Day Holiday Detox!

From the egg nog at Christmas to the latkes at Hannukah to the champagne at New Year’s Eve, we all love the many flavors of the holiday season. As much as we love all festivities and the food that comes with it, we all reach a point where it catches up to us!

A great way to get glowing skin and heal your gut from all that inflammation is with Dr. Schaffer’s Three-Day Anti-Aging Juice and Smoothie Detox. By juicing and blending a variety of alkaline vegetables and fruits, it makes it much easier for your body to absorb their nutrients. If you follow the regimen of the anti-aging detox, you’ll look and feel younger in just 3 days. Start the new year right with a detoxed system and take 2018 on with radiant skin!


Day One: Green Day

  1. Coconut Melon Juice: Feels like vacation. Make this delicious, creamy juice the night before. Juice 1 cup frozen honey-dew cubes, mix in 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 1 cup coconut milk, and refrigerate for at least four hours.
  2. Minty Green Juice: A great refresher. Juice 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 2 large leaves kale, 1 cup spinach, 2 celery stalks, 1/4 cup parsley, and 1 lime.
  3. Apple Ginger Juice: An apple a day… Juice 1 cup coconut water, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1/2 lemon, 4 celery stalks, and a pinch of fresh or ground ginger.
  4. Green Supreme Juice: It’s green and lean. Juice 2 cups honeydew cubes, 3 large kale leaves, 1 cup arugula, 1 cucumber, and ¼ cup mint leaves.
  5. Green(ish) Protein Smoothie: It’s not as green as we’d like but there are peas! Blend 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop pea protein, and 1 tablespoon almond butter.


Day Two: Yellow and Orange Day

  1. The Sunrise: Get prepared the night before by juicing 2 cups frozen honeydew cubes, mix in 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 1 cup almond milk, and refrigerate overnight for your breakfast juice the next day.
  2. The Sunflower: Daisy family inspired dandelion from Schique Skincare! Juice 4 medium carrots, 1 mandarin orange, 1 orange, and a pinch of cayenne pepper
  3. The Sunshine: Good morning! Juice 1 lemon, 1 apple, 3 cucumbers, and 1 tablespoon mint leaves.
  4. The Sunset: Juice, drink, and enjoy the view. Juice 4 kale leaves, 1 cup frozen pine-apple cubes, 2 Fuji apples, and a pinch of fresh or ground ginger.
  5. The Star: Channel your inner start. Blend 1 cup frozen cantaloupe cubes, 1 banana, 1/2 head romaine, and ½-inch turmeric root.


Day Three: Day Three: Red and Purple Day

  1. The Rose: A juice you’ll love. Juice 1 medium beet, 1-inch piece ginger, 3 medium carrots, and 1 red apple.
  2. The Romance: Love this juice (pun intended). Juice 4 cups of strawberries, ½ cup cucumber, 3 tablespoons basil leaves, and 1 lemon. It’s so refreshing!
  3. The Romeo: It’s romantic and delicious. Juice 2 cups blueberries, 1 pear, 2 cups spinach, and 1 kiwi.
  4. The Refresh: Wake up and feel revitalized! Juice 4 cups frozen watermelon cubes, 2 cucumbers, 1/4 cup mint leaves, and 1/4 cup basil leaves.
  5. The Rock Star: It’s time to hit the stage. Blend 2 cups mixed berries, 1 cup, almond milk, 1 scoop pea protein, 2 tablespoons mint cacao powder, and 5 ice cubes.


3 days and radiant, glowing skin is yours (a flatter belly too)! 

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