A botanical cocktail of beauty and brains, Jacqueline Schaffer M.D. is a Board-Certified Medical Doctor, Best-Selling Author of Irresistible You, and Founder of Schique Skincare. Her passion in teaching skin-smarts to street-savvy women has led to her becoming a highly sought-after Public Speaker and Female Empowerment Advocate. Determined to heal all types of derma, derma-termined so to speak, Dr. Schaffer combines the wisdom of nature and scientific research to develop luxurious products with clinically proven results. This Northern California native has discovered the blissful balance between Western and Eastern practices, designating her reign as The Radiant Skin Expert and Go-To Gal for vegan glamour.

During her studies at Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Schaffer learned of the devastating news that her mother was diagnosed with skin cancer. Searching for answers, she realized that the harsh chemicals in her mother’s beauty products were partially to blame. This inspired Dr. Schaffer to create the ultimate protocol for skin health and total vitality, incorporating natural ingredients, exercise regimens, and nutritional principles. After two courageous battles, her mother beat skin cancer and became the pinnacle of Dr. Schaffer’s pursuit to put pretty back into every woman’s self-description and help boss-babes bloom into their most captivating charm.

On the sidelines of the skincare scene, Dr. Schaffer can be found working with A Sandwich A Day; her charity to feed the homeless and offer nutritional education to those in need, hiking LA’s hot spots, or writing blogs based on her beauty bible Irresistible You.