Getting Lingerie Ready for Your Valentine's Day Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means the preparation starts now! Whether you are going on a hot date or spending it with your best girlfriends, you will want to look and feel your best on this day of love. When treating your skin, remember to focus from your head all the way to your toes (not just your face)! Here are some easy tips to add to your list and look gorgeous all day!


  1. Enjoy a nice, long bath!

Nothing puts you quite in the mood like a good bubble bath. Light some candles, make a feel-good playlist and relax! We love adding lavender oil for an extra calming boost. After your body has been soaking for 10 to 15 minutes, exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin and get out feeling so fresh and so clean. 

  1. Mask On. Mask Off.

Two of the first things a date notices are your face and hair, so you will want to make sure both are in tip top shape! About 20-30 minutes before you shower, indulge your face with a detoxifying and brightening face mask (try Schique’s Intuitive Restoration Renewing Mask) and your favorite hair mask. Your skin will be glowing and your hair will be silky smooth! 

  1. Moisturize!

The key to soft and touchable skin is moisturizing. Try Schique’s Lumistone Hydration Face Moisturizer for your face and choose an extra hydrating lotion for your body. Winter tends to dry out our skin more, so make sure you the season is not getting the best of you - especially around Valentine’s Day, when you’ll want your skin super smooth. 

  1. Nail It!

A mani/pedi may seem like one itty bitty thing in the grand scheme of your Valentine’s Day prep, but it is huge in making you feel as put together as possible. You will be feeling fresh with clean and polished nails. Go for a fiery red or blush pink to get into the theme!

  1. Blow Out before you Go Out!

You will want to feel like the Belle of the ball on Valentine’s Day, and there are very few things that make you feel as glamorous as Beyonce than a perfect blow out. Give yourself that extra boost of confidence by getting your hair done and he’s sure to be running his hands through your luscious locks all night! 

Take these tips to heart and we’re sure your Valentine’s Date will rock!

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