Schique Launch at Cosmoprof NA!

We’ve just returned from Cosmoprof in Las Vegas and couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more! We were able to meet with so many new and exciting people who were interested in all Schique Skincare Products has to offer.

With over 33,000 visitors, we were definitely busy! At Cosmoprof, Our Schique team was excited to spread our message and products to vendors all over the world! Throughout the weekend, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer attended major media events and a number of other beneficial programs in order to display Schique products and share the brand inspiration.

We were excited to announce the launch of our cleanser and scrub at the event! Our daily cleanser calms, soothes the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and clear by balancing the skin’s pH level for a pure start to your day. As for our new scrub, it leaves your skin looking youthful, bright and firm by riding the skin of dead skin cells and bringing a new, hydrated layer of skin to the surface.

We are so happy we were able to have this amazing opportunity to share our old and new products with the visitors of Cosmoprof and we can’t wait to see where it may take Schique in the future!

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