Start Ant(eye)-Aging Today!

As they say, our eyes are the window to our souls. Keeping the focal point of our face looking young is key to looking radiant and young! Our opulent eye cream incorporates rare, micronized quartz particles along with other proven age-reducing actives, like Vitamin E, to restructure the delicate eye contour area. We use the peptide compound, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-1, because it has been proven to boost collagen for firmer skin with increased volume, improved hydration, and smoothed superficial wrinkles. We also include Vitamin C because it adds a youthful and tight surface in the eye area. Our Insightful Countour will firm your eyelids, diminish under eye lines, and reduce puffiness. The best part? Our custom applicator! It seals the eye cream tightly to work the same as the first time, every time! Start eye-drating today!

Here are some of the Eye Cream’s Clinical Claims:

  • 100% improves radiance & luminosity in 4 weeks 
  • 100% improves texture and smoothness in 4 weeks 
  • 100% showed visible eye lifting results  
  • 100% improves overall youthful appearance

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