Summer Skin Tips!

Whether you are a year round or seasonal traveler, summertime traveling brings a new challenge to keeping up with your daily skincare routine. You aren’t in your own home with all your products just a reach away. Instead you have to plan ahead on how much you’ll need and hope that they pass through TSA unscathed, otherwise your whole routine may be tarnished! To avoid that possibility, we have put together our top summer travel skincare tips.

Downsize - Whether you have a carry on or not, you do not want to be lugging around huge bottles of what you need for your skin. You have make up, clothes and shoes to worry about! Luckily for Schique users, we have the perfect travel kit which includes the serum and moisturizer!

Hydrate - We don’t have to tell you, but plane air is dry. Though the plane is pumping fresh air into the cabin, the air at that altitude has very little moisture, making it even more dry. We recommend drinking at least a liter for every 6 hours of flying. It may seem like a lot but your skin will thank you!

Mist - Even if you consume that much water, you skin may still feel dry. In order to combat this problem, we recommend bringing along our Hydra Glisten Revitalizing Mist to spritz on throughout the flight. It will make your skin feel hydrated and refreshed at 32,000 feet.

Snacks - Instead of eating the questionable airplane snacks or meals, try getting to the airport a little earlier to seek out the most healthy food stand to grab some on the go snacks from! Or bring them in with you from home. We suggest antioxidant rich foods or foods full of Vitamin A, C or E.

Once Landed - After a long day of traveling, no matter what you do in order to prepare your skin, you most likely feel worn down and like you need a shower. Our go to cure for a long travel day is relaxation by using our Intuitive Restoration Renewing Mask. It’s small enough for travel and the perfect way to get your vacation off to a good start!

No matter where your summer travels take you this summer, Schique is there to help keep your anti-aging skincare routine in check!

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