7 Irresistible Anti-Aging Dishes to Eat This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to gathering around the table with family and friends and it’s why absolutely love it!

This year, I encourage you to make some healthier choices when making your plate so you can look and feel radiant throughout the holidays. Here are some delicious anti-aging foods you can truly enjoy at the thanksgiving table!


1.    Cranberries - packed with vitamin C & antioxidants

2.    Butternut Squash - high in fiber, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, also an 
excellent source of antioxidants 

3.    Sweet Potatoes - contains vitamins A and C 
and rich in copper (which helps build collagen)

4.    Beets -  Rich in antioxidants, high in fiber,
and packed with vitamin C

5.    Carrots - one of the best sources of beta carotene and vitamin A

6.    Pumpkins – Contains beta carotene which protects the skin against UV damage. They also contain vitamins C and E, which help keep the skin firm.

7.    Mushrooms - contain unusually high amounts of two antioxidants that some experts believe could help fight aging and boost health.


Stick to these foods on Turkey Day and you’ll be glowing while shopping on Black Friday! To learn more about what to eat for your skin type, check out my #1 Best-Seller Irresistible You and start looking youthful today!

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