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A Sandwich A Day Giving Back

A sandwich can mean something very simple to most people, but to some it can make all the difference in the world. Our founder, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, wanted to start meaningful organization to help feed the hungry when she encountered a situation where she saw a less fortunate woman in need of food and no one was willing to help her. She wanted to take it a step further by also spreading awareness of nutritional education as she saw that understanding health was key to feeling better.

In 2013, Dr. Schaffer founded A Sandwich A Day with a mission to help others with compassion, sensitivity, and respect. To date, the organization has served 1000 sandwiches and will continue to push until they reach 1,000,000 sandwiches.  

On Tuesday, October 25, Dr. Schaffer brought the international non-profit organization A Sandwich A Day to Valley Torah High School for a day of understanding hunger and making sandwiches and delivering them to women's shelters in the area with the help of 100 student volunteers. This year, we are truly thankful for the blessings of life and are committed to helping others as a team behind our founder. Thanks to Dr. Schaffer, a sandwich can mean more than we can ever imagine. 


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