Key Ingredient: Aloe Vera

June 27, 2017

Key Ingredient: Aloe Vera

When you think of aloe vera, you immediately think of the healing powers it has on your skin, especially when it comes to sunburn. The instant relief of the aloe on our sunburns has made those painful days much more manageable. Although aloe vera is great for soothing sunburns, it can also benefit your skin in a number of other ways:


Aloe vera doesn’t clog your pores and instead hydrates and softens your skin. Therefore it is a perfect ingredients for treating dry skin.


Aloe contains a great amount of vitamins C and E which provide certain anti-aging benefits, like lightening blemishes, increasing the production and collagen and improving skin elasticity.

Reduce Acne

Aloe contains wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation while also stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

Lightens Blemishes

As previously mentioned, aloe vera increases the growth of new skin cells, and because of this growth, it also allows the skin to heal with minimal scarring.


Last but not least, aloe vera is the number one way to reduce the inflammation of a sunburn, and also the most comfortable way to soothe one. Plus, aloe helps your skin heal a lot quicker.

As you can see, aloe vera has many benefits and that’s why we incorporate this amazing ingredient in Schique products. The benefits of aloe vera are obvious and that’s why it’s included in all of our products as a major contributor.

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