Red, White and Blue (Masking)!

5 Reasons to Try Schique’s Intuitive Restoration Mask

When you think of a ‘skincare routine’ usually the typical cleanser and moisturizer are the only items on the checklist that come to mind. But there is definitely more to it than that. Doing a weekly mask will not only revitalize your skin for the upcoming week ahead, but also will soothe, soften and hydrate your skin! Besides these obvious benefits of doing a weekly mask, here are 5 reasons to try Schique’s Intuitive Restoration Mask:


This mask is made to bring hydration to your skin in order to make it feel and look more plump and supple, which is just what you need to replenish your skin throughout the week.

Removes Toxins

Masks clean deep into your pores in order to remove any dirt or makeup a cleanser or makeup remover may have left behind.

Firms Skin

Our mask enhances collagen production while also fights off free radical damage in order to give your skin a more firm look and feel.

Unclog Pores

More than just cleaning out dirt and makeup from your pores, masks absorb any excess oils and remove any dead skin cells that may have built up under the skin


And most obviously, a mask can also just benefit your well being by serving as a time to take a break and treat yourself. So draw a bath, light some candles and relax!

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