Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring!

It’s time to spring clean your skincare routine! The months of protecting our skin from the chilly winds, snow fall, and rain of winter (so much dryness!) are coming to an end. With March 20th right around the corner, we’re getting ready to change up our regimen to blossom this spring! Here’s how to make the transition smooth (for your skin) through the changing seasons:

 1) Lighten the load!

The dryness of winter calls for heavier moisturizers and serums, but spring conditions are better and call for light-weight moisturizers and serums. Serums are the perfect spring companion to feed, nurture and nourish your skin after the warmer winter months. Follow up your serum with a lightweight moisturizer with higher water content. Skin stays more hydrated and retains more moisture during the warmer weather. 

 2) Shed those layers!

In the winter months, we need foundation to cover up our dry skin. However, in spring, we can afford to wear less foundation. Just as we start shedding those layers of coats and scarves, we should also lighten the coverage on our face. 

3) Apply your SPF (and reapply)!

Hello Sun! As we are all relieved to see the sun shining again, it’s key to wear more sunscreen in spring than winter. Although it’s not as hot as summer, we forget how strong the sun can be in the spring season! It’s important to protect our skin more than ever. Apply once in the morning and another time before any outdoor activity later in the day. 

4) Exfoliate and renew!

Time to cleanse your skin of the harsh winter effects! Dead skin cells and environmental toxins buildup on the skin throughout the cold season and we’re getting rid of it this spring! Take the dullness out of your skin with exfoliation. Try a gentle facial scrub once a week to get that glow back!  

5) Spring clean your skincare!

Out with the old and in with the new! Toss out anything that you’ve been using for over six months. Old products can cause dull skin and clogged pores. Refresh your skincare products and accessories, and keep your skin healthy and beautiful!

Say goodbye to winter skin and hello to spring with these tips!  


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Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring! – Schique

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Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring! – Schique

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Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring! – Schique

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